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Five Unique Cyber Threats that You may not have Considered

smart technology on desk poses cyber threats

Five Unique Cyber Threats that You may not have Considered

The downfall of Convenience

The continuous advancement of technology is evergreen because of its advantages like easy access and instant gratification. From being able to shop for groceries from their living room, to having vehicles that drive themselves, consumers are loving the convenience that the cyber world is bringing them.

But as the saying goes, every good thing comes with a price, and the price here is sometimes high. Though accommodating, technology comes with large stakes. Following are some unique examples of the way evolving technology can pose huge cyber threats to both businesses and individuals alike.

Car Hacking

A car is not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of things to be hacked, but because cars are becoming extraordinarily technological, to the point where they no longer require a physical driver, they are. Moreover, these driverless automobiles can communicate with one another, sending signals and commands. Though these capabilities seem convenient, they increase the risk of cyber hacks in the automotive industry drastically.


Video Gaming

Video games are intended to be just for fun, but who would have guessed that playing them would turn into a cyber threat in and of itself. All manufacturers, development companies and users alike have fallen victim to hackers and had information such as credit cards, account information, and personal identifiable information (PII) stolen.

Smart Houses

The fear of home intrusions and even burglaries is omnipresent with the arrival of smart houses. Smart houses have embedded technology that allows hackers an easy in for the tenant’s data. Cyber threats range from obtaining personal data and sending it to corresponding servers, to as far as disarming alarm systems.

Prisons, Jails & Correctional Centers

Even the people you would least expect to get their personal data stolen, do. In fact, just last month The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections reported that more than 13,000 employees and inmates may have been impacted by a security breach that occurred with a third-party vendor in April.

Dating Life

When looking for love one might predict the risk of a broken heart. But searching for love online comes with a whole abyss of cyber threats that one does not typically foresee and compromising his or her personal information is one of them.

An Efficient Solution

All things considered, I think it’s safe to say that storing data online is just the way of the world in this day and time and technology is not slowing down for us. Bearing this in mind, we can enjoy the convenience of technology, but it is imperative that the precautions are taken to ensure that data is safely encrypted whether its stored by a third-party or not.

Though it may not be possible to eliminate cyber threat in its entirety, it is possible to assess and manage it to prevent a catastrophe and ensure that you and any third-parties you’re working with are prepared for such an event were to happen. Our dynamic platform, SecureWatch, can do just that. With over 30 preloaded regulations and standards, our software is equipped to help you comply with GDPR, NIST, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and more.