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RiskWatch Risk Management Software

The Challenge


Storing and exchanging data safely is a critical challenge for CSO’s in industries like banking, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, information technology, retail, and more. ISO provides requirements for information security management systems that help companies manage financial information, employee details, intellectual property, etc.


ISO 27001 can be difficult to manage as the framework consists of policies and procedures that include legal, physical, and technical controls involved in an organization’s information risk management processes. It can be a complex task for many organizations to unite these areas under assessment.


Teams need assistance developing a road map for evaluating areas of noncompliance, analyzing collected data, determining corrective actions, and ensuring your organization would pass and audit to gain ISO certification.

The Impact


Storing and exchanging data is a requirement for every business. It is imperative that professionals take action to prevent disastrous data breaches that could negatively impact their ability to continue operations, harm brand image, or accrue costly legal fees.



Failure to achieve compliance and ISO certification can also result in loss of customers and or partnerships who take steps to ensure their data is protected. Noncompliance shows a lack of basic security, ultimately affecting your bottom line.



The average cost of a data breach in 2020 was nearly $4 million. Even if ISO certification is not required for an organization, noncompliance to its framework causes unnecessary risk and can severely affect the continued operation of businesses, if not forcing bankruptcy.

Achieve your ISO 27001 Goals with RiskWatch

Prebuilt Content Libraries

RiskWatch offers over 50 prebuilt content libraries that are ready for use in our platform. These libraries contain industry standards and regulations, lending subject matter expertise and guidance for organizations. Achieving compliance with these libraries ensures risk is minimized.

Additional content libraries can be added to assessments with a single click.

Reduce unnecessary costs by eliminating the need for third-party expertise.

Custom libraries and any standard or regulation not already available can be created.

Automated Risk Analysis
Mobile assessments feature

Suggested Remediation

The RiskWatch platform offers suggested remediation to instances of non-compliance to our content libraries. As assessment information is collected, the platform determines if action should be taken to meet compliance. These can be shown to administrators for review or directly to team members for action.

Immediately gain a starting point for reaching compliance with your content library

Reduce time needed to manage your teams remedial tasks.

Automatically assign tasks within the platform, make adjustments, or leave additional instructions.

Automated Reporting

RiskWatch enables customers to standardize and automate reporting functions directly within the platform. Several report templates are included by default, with the added option to create custom templates. Templates can be saved to meet data and visual preferences. With the correct templates saved, generate any report with a single click.

Save an average of 16 hours per report.

View robust data from multiple sources within a single place.

Increase transparency with any data available in any format, on demand.

Third party data screen

Product Overview

An Intelligent Physical Security Risk Assessment Platform


SecureWatch is a state of the art security and risk assessment platform that can be utilized for facility compliance and security risk assessments. Reduce exposure to liability, manage risk, monitor and maintain security, and track continuous improvement.

SecureWatch assessment dashboard

An Information Security Risk Management Platform


CyberWatch is a modern assessment solution that can be utilized by various industries for cyber security and compliance risk assessments. The software enables you to reduce exposure to liability, manage risk, monitor and maintain cyber security, and track continuous improvement.

CyberWatch assessment

A Compliance Assessment and Management Platform


ComplianceWatch is a compliance audit and management platform that can be utilized by various industries for measuring compliance to any regulation, standard, or policy. Reduce exposure to liability, maintain public credibility, ensure adherence to best practices, track policy compliance, and track continuous improvement.

ComplianceWatch compliance widget

A Supplier Security Risk Assessment Platform


SupplierWatch is a security risk assessment and management platform that can be utilized to reduce exposure to liability, manage third-party risk, monitor and manage your supply chain, ensure high business continuity, and track continuous improvement. Use it to identify, eliminate, and prevent problems in your suppliers processes, management, or products.

SupplierWatch supplier analysis

A Vendor Security Risk Assessment Platform


VendorWatch is a security risk assessment and management platform that can be utilized for identifying security gaps and risks with vendors and addressing them. Reduce exposure to liability, manage third-party risk, and monitor and rank vendors. Keep track of a vendor’s compliance efforts to ensure expectations are being met. Archive contracts, manage compliance evaluations, manage contract reviews, and rate vendors objectively.

VendorWatch vendor vulnerability

Reduce exposure to liability. Manage risk. Monitor and maintain security.

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