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Physical Security Assessments

Physical Security Platform


Automate your physical security assessments with RiskWatch software. You can get started today, for free!  Assess organizations or assets to any standard or regulation and analyze their risk and compliance data. With mobile capability, complete your assessments offline or as you walk around your assessment site. 


We know that physical security is the first line of defense against intruders, natural disasters, and other events that are disruptive to vital business processes. As such, conducting regular physical security assessments is crucial. replica watches These will be evaluations that consider security systems, access controls, and policies for designated facilities. The assessment results provide valuable insight as to where security gaps are and offer steps for remediation.


RiskWatch provides risk assessment solutions that can be utilized by various industries for compliance and security risk assessments on physical security, information security, vendor management, and more. 

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    • Save time requesting, analyzing, remediating, and reporting on your assessment data, allowing staff to focus more on reducing risk and meeting compliance.


    • Replace subjective analysis with objective criteria in a defined and structured process that promotes tracking security improvement over time.


    • Our platform can serve as a central repository for any documentation (e.g. evidence of compliance, policies, contracts, etc.)

    Utilize RiskWatch’s Reporting and Analytics

    RiskWatch’s dashboard is automatically updated in real time, giving you a dynamic view of your company’s risk and compliance profile. Use our drill-down maps and charts to monitor specific tasks, see progress on physical security assessments, or monitor progress by custom groups such as region or facility type. Our automated risk analysis will reduce strain on staff. 


    Automatically build assessment reports covering risk, compliance, security gaps, recommendations, and task status that can easily be shared.


    Use over 35 content libraries ready for off-the-shelf use in your assessments, eliminating the need to develop internal subject matter expertise. Throughout the entire risk assessment process, our customers save 74% of their time thanks to our automation and intelligent platform learning. Our most popular physical security assessment library is from the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).

    This is risk management made easy. 

    RiskWatch dashboard and analytics