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Self-Assessment Portal

Assess Your Security Maturity

Use our free self-assessment portal to instantly gain an understanding of your operational risks. This free assessment tool measures your organization’s basic security maturity level using a short but comprehensive survey to assess your current security posture.


Upon completion of the assessment, you’ll have a better understanding of areas needing improvement, setting you up to create mitigation tasks and perform a detailed risk assessment.

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Self-Assessment Workflow

Step 1 - Begin by launching the self-assessment portal, located at the top of the screen.

Step 2 – Utilize personnel that have the required knowledge of the organization’s processes, policies, and/or controls to select the response that most closely represents your organization.

Step 3 – Upon completion, click the ``Finish Assessment`` button. Submit the email address you wish to receive your report. The assessment will not submit until every question is answered.

Step 4 - Download your assessment results. The report includes security controls from the survey, your selected responses, comparison against other organizations, overall compliance, and a spot for recommendations should you choose to share this report.

Step 5 - Assign mitigation tasks based on self-assessment results. Monitor these areas and reevaluate periodically.

Self-Assessment process

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