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Automated Reporting

Never Write Another Report & Utilize Your Efforts Where They Are Needed Most


Reporting Challenges


Risk management professionals have repeatedly described reporting as one of the largest pain points in their process, taking an average of 20 hours to write up required reports on each assessment performed. This leaves little time to focus on remediation and completing additional assessments within the organization. In the case of an incident or audit, thorough reports are necessary to prove you were not negligent.

Reporting Impact


Manually writing reports takes 80% longer than utilizing automation through RiskWatch software, reducing the time able to be spent looking at risk data, determining mitigation projects, and presenting results.

Without the necessary time to adapt to risks, your organization remains vulnerable through cyber, physical, and third-party means.

Data Sheet Riskwatch

RiskWatch Reporting

Create custom reporting templates

Easily export reports via Microsoft Word or Adobe pdf format

Communicate how to map needs against available resources

Reports provide high-level staff updates on objectives and progress on assessments

Rating and scoring guidelines breakdown results for report readers

Compare assessment results across the same asset, or across multiple assets

Provide stakeholders with the data that matters most in a format that is easy to digest. RiskWatch customizable reporting templates take the needs of C-level executives into consideration, highlighting immediate risks, current state analytics, as well as progress over time. Utilize sections such as executive summary, control maturity, and global compliance comparison to properly convey your positioning. Gain a dynamic view of your organization’s risk profile with charts, graphs, heat maps.


Our reports enable you to track risk mitigation efforts with metrics to eliminate subjectivity. Reports cover a wide range of data such as risk, compliance, security gaps, recommendations, task status, etc.

Utilize Pre-built Risk Reports


With a single click, generate a report containing all required data such as information on a third party, internal cybersecurity, or compliance to a standard or regulation such as ISO, NIST, or ASIS.

Build Custom Risk Reports


Click, drag, and drop to customize your reports. You can do this directly in the platform or once the report has already been generated.


Need assistance? Our team of experts is ready to help. We can recreate an existing report you’re already used to using, or help you build something entirely new. Whichever topics and questions are most important to your organization, we’ll make sure we help you answer in the most effective way possible via our reporting module.

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