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ROI Calculator

Our customers report an increase in internal participation, a better understanding of their security, risk and compliance issues, and an overall reduction of time requirements.

Most companies calculate their ROI by money earned, but in the case of risk and compliance assessments, we calculate ROI based on money saved.


Save 23 hours in a 31 hour assessment. RiskWatch software streamlines your process of collecting information to producing quantifiable reports, all in less time than you would’ve spent otherwise.


Built-in automation capabilities remind the users of assessments and assigned tasks to be completed. Dashboards update automatically in real time. Generate reports for assessments or locations instantly.


Our solutions are scalable, robust, cloud-based, and device friendly. Customize reports to match your current templates or change language within the software to match your company’s terminology.




Total Reduction




Why Riskwatch


Time is money. On average, our customers complete their assessments in 74% less time than they did without our software.


That’s less time emailing and following up on tasks, less time gathering assessment data, less time analyzing data, less time performing remediation, and less time writing reports. Overall, that’s more time for you to work on the things that matter.


That equates to an extra 23 hours per assessment to devote to addressing non-compliance, developing mitigation strategies, and improving overall efficiency.

*Figures are averaged across all respondents. All statistics based on US dollars and figures. Wage figures for Risk Manager salary sourced from, March 2019 at $111,757. Wage figures for consultant services sourced from the Consultant Journal, March 2019 at $115 per hour.