Risk Consulting Services

Experienced, Practical, Affordable.

Compliance investigations can be painful when preparations are not made. Will you be ready, if faced with one today? Our risk consulting services will help identify and evaluate the risks and vulnerabilities your company may be facing now.

Using our risk consulting services will allow your personnel to focus their time and attention on growing the business and serving your customers. Experienced, Practical, Affordable.

Risk Assessments

(Physical and IT)


We can perform on-site and remote risk assessments of any scope within your organization. The assessment can cover the organization as a whole, individual facilities, or even something as focused as a department, project, or process.

Mitigate potential loss due to error, fraud, inefficiency, and regulatory non-compliance.

Provide data to help guide and improve security policy(s).

Provide a prioritized action plan to mitigate areas of risk.

Compare levels of risk across multiple assessed areas to illustrate which ones may require more immediate attention.



We help businesses of all sizes. RiskWatch has compliance programs that are tailored to your industry and your specific needs.

Provide an unbiased evaluation of company operations.

Determine if policies and procedures comply with government regulations and best practice standards.

Eliminate staff discomfort of questioning the policies and practices of their employer.

Penetration Testing


We can simulate an attack on your organization to help you discover your weaknesses and provide guidance to assist you in strengthening your security posture.

Receive expert guidance and recommendations on what you should specifically do to improve security.

Meet regulatory penetration testing requirements (PCI, FFIEC, HIPAA).

Determine specific areas of weakness and their risk to your organization.

Validate the effectiveness of your perimeter controls.

Assess your information systems for vulnerabilities.

Find vulnerabilities and fix them before an attacker does.

Verify vulnerabilities to management so resources can be allocated for mitigation.

Evaluate the security controls in place for your externally facing resources.

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